More Warhawk Next

So, some progression on Warhawk…

Decided the best plan was to grab my attack wave code and bullet code from the DS version and convert to z80, and it worked a treat!

The game will have 20 levels. The odd numbered levels contain a mini boss (similar to the original games end of level boss) and the even levels contain a nasty big boss. 

SFX are in, and 95% of code is done.

This will be a launch title for the Next. As yet unsure if it will be with the machine, or a free download.

Gotta Love the Robots

Have been playing with the Mr. Robot engine. Looks so great using some of the many special retro effects. Well, they all look great of course. The main thing is that Manic Maker now replicates the Commodore 64's standard graphic modes enabling the main colours along with their relevent multicolour settings.

Green Screen
Old Colour TV
Black & White TV