Stigma Psion 5/5mx

After the success of the original Stigma on the Psion 3/3a, I was contacted by Joe Odukoya (Sorry if I have misspelt your name) to create a new version for the Psion 5 handheld.

I decided not to just port the original code, but rather to start again and make use of the features of the new hardware. Over the course of the next month or so, Stigma was built.

I took a few of the original levels and re-jigged them for the new hardware. The Psion 5 had a deeper screen enabling more involved levels and also the use of several grey shades to improve the visuals. Also, the addition of the stylus enabled this new version to add a new control method.

The finished game was sent to Psion, and with a few changes to adhere to Psions regulations on the UI, was accepted and published.

Miraculously, Stigma was even converted to the TI-83 calculator and can be downloaded here.

Download Stigma TI-84