Horace in the Mystic Woods

Horace in the Mystic Woods was an official follow-up to the three Horace games released on the Sinclair Spectrum.

After the completion of the Psion3 version of Stigma, I was contacted by Joe Odukoya. “How would you like to create a new Horace game”, said he. “I would love to”, said I. The next bit of the conversation was a little daunting – “Can you have it done in two weeks?”. I said yes and decided to knuckle down.

I spent the first day thinking of what type of game to create? I eventually settled on a platform game as I have rather a soft spot for them. This did present a little bit of a problem though. The Psion3 was not very quick at moving graphics around – and I needed a selection of enemies. The only way I could do this was to code a sprite system in assembler – so that was my first days work allocated.

Actually, development flew along so well that I have completed it with a few days spare. A brand new Horace game with 50 varied levels. I decided to use the time to add another 14 levels taking it to the magical 64 levels.

Horace in the Mystic Woods became a very popular title and is fondly remembers.

Bob Smith released a ZX Spectrum version of the game and garnered a 92% rating in RetroGamer Magazine.
Some images of his astounding conversion can be seen below.

Søren Borgquist started a PC version of the game a while ago and though distracted by other projects, he does intend to complete it.