Warhawk DS

Originally released in 1986 for the humble Commodore 64, the game was reimagined in 2009 for the Nintendo DS.

Coded in pure assembly by myself and Ben Baker more as a challenge than anything else, this soon progressed to become a much larger game than originally intended. This version took the base game and enhanced it in several ways. The graphics and audio were improved and new levels added. Attack waves were enhanced and contained homages to the originals along with new curved attack patterns.

The release garnered critical acclaim and was featured in Retro Gamer Magazine.

A nice little write up from Retro Gamer.

As well as being “Game of the Month” in Retro Gamer, Warhawk DS also came 3rd in the R4 Coding Competion.

The game can still be download and ran on a suitable DS card, or any of the numerous editors,

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