Nintendo DS

Warhawk DS

Welcome to the first release of Warhawk DS. Warhawk DS is a game for the Nintendo DS coded in 100% ARM assembler. It is based on a commercial C64 game released by Proteus Developments in 1986.

This has been a joint coding effort between Flash and HeadKaze that has taken around 5 or so months from vision to fruition.

Warhawk DS is based on a much earlier game released on the C64 in 1986, and is more of a re-imagining than a remake. One thing that was intended to retain was the ‘old school’ feel to the game, and this is hopefully something has been achieved. The downside to keeping the feel is that those of you brought up on present day games may find this a little difficult? It is not an easy ride to clear the 16 levels, though a consession has been made for the modern-day gamer in the addition of continues.

The game has 16 normal levels and also upon completion, another 16 mental levels become available. It is worth finishing the mental levels for the true completion and credit sequence.

The game has also had much help from Lobo and SpaceFractal in both the graphical and musical areas. BadToad (involved in the original game) has helped with playtesting and some graphical work, and many others (Mark, Sokurah, Baz, etc, etc.) have been involved in the mad hunt for bugs and also playtesting. A full credit list is in the game.

Manic Miner in the Lost Levels

The tale of Miner Willy and his incredible adventures in the mines, and then the mansions, of Surbiton is legend. But like all legends, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Most people know Willy simply as a digger who got lucky and lived happily ever after in decadent luxury. Far fewer know the secret – suppressed for quarter of a century by the government – of how he also saved Planet Earth from alien invasion.

It wasn’t until an eccentric but dedicated historian writing a paper for a renowned academic journal (Retro Gamer issue 63) pieced together the complete saga of Willy’s heroic exploits from fragments of scattered evidence – in the form of obscure retellings of the ‘Manic Miner’ folk fable in ancient languages readable only via long-obsolete machines – that the whole truth was finally revealed.

Welcome to Manic Miner – The Lost Levels!