Manic Maker

Manic maker enables you to play the platform games of yesteryear on modern platforms, with the added bonus that you can also create them using the fully featured in-game editor.

Currently, Manic Maker supports the following Engines –

Manic Miner

The classic Manic Miner was released in 1983 and has remained a legendary game. Remembered as a very tough game, and justly so, it's inclusion in Manic Maker was a must.

Manic Miner (Sam Coupe)

Released in 1992 on the ill-fated Sam Coupe, this was heralded as one of the best versions of Manic Maker made. It did make a few subtle changes to the original game, but still retained all the magic. The game also introduced some new features and increased the speed of play.

Manic Miner (Nintendo DS)

Known by the full name "Manic Miner in the Lost Levels", this version was released in 2009 and was created by Myself, Ben Baker, Lobo, and SpaceFractal. The release was heralded as one of the best home-brew titles on the system. This version also added some new features and effects, all of which have been added to Manic Maker.


Many regard this as the Commodore 64's Manic Miner. Though the C64 did get a conversion of Manic Miner, Anthony Crowthers Blagger was a varied and interesting twist on the original game, and should be praised in it's own right

Chuckie Egg

Released on several formats, this was a great twist on the platform formula. Featuring a host of levels and a tough challenge, this game by Nigel Alderton was a smash hit.

Sir Lancelot

Featuring 24 levels, and some enemy jumps that appeared more luck than judgement, this was a difficult game to complete. Released in 1984 for the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC by Melbourne House.

Mr. Robot and his Robot Factory

A great game somewhat reminiscent of Miner 2049'er. Created by Ron Rosen and originally released not he Atari 8-Bit platform by Datamost, it was subsequently ported to the Apple II and the Commodore 64.

The Perils of Willy

Perhaps not a classic VIC-20 game, but certainly worthy of inclusion in Manic Maker for novelty alone.


Horace in the Mystic Woods

The OFFICIAL forth game in the Horace series. Released only on the Psion 3, this game became one of the highest rated on the system - and deserves as place in Manic Maker so the non-psion owners can experience it's delights.

Son of Blagger

Another wonderful classic from the talented Anthony Crowther.

Son of Blagger (ZX Spectrum)

Plays different from the Commodore 64 original and deserves to be part of the package. A great and difficult game - there's a theme here!


Though released on 4 8-bit computers, I am picking on the Commodore 64 version as I feel this was the best one. A novel game by David Hoskins that is perhaps not remembered as well as it deserves to be, and so needs the Manic Maker treatment.

Magic Mushrooms

Released in 1986 for the BBC Micro, this was a wonderful game that has a likeness to Mr. Robot, and also included a level editor. I believe this is the only game written by Richard Clay?